Before Steal the Baking Again – Butter Pecan Cake

I’ve got a couple more posts until I get current with the yummy cupcakes I made on Monday (two days ago as of this writing), so I’ll try to crank them out. First let me say this, I don’t know how people found this thing, I’ve not told a soul, so the fact that there are people seeing this and ‘liking’ my posts is amazing. Thank you ever so kindly. Ok, now on to the good stuff. This one I actually have more than one picture of a finished product.

Recipe taken from Just A Pinch all credit to the original creator/poster.

Step one: Toasting the Pecans

Step two and three: Creaming the butter and then adding the flour mixture

Step four: Pour into 9 inch round pans. This is where I deviated from the recipe because I only have two pans, so I just used those and made a pseudo-calculated gamble.

Step five: Cool cakes down, cut off edges including the top to even them out, ice them puppies.

You can see that the icing is pretty sloppy, but that’s just how it is because pecans make it lumpy. Not ideal to practice your icing skills.

What I learned more recently:

  • For the icing use the whisk attachment, the beater blade is fine for mixing the rest of the recipe, but you don’t get a smooth icing, the icing should have a more whipped look to it. You can see from the picture that it really just looks like butter spread on the cake all pretty. Otherwise the cake wasn’t any worse for not having the icing whipped up more.

Tip: Don’t use your whisk to stir butter that’s not melted or really soft, you’ll just end up ruining your whisk like me. Live and learn.

This cake was very good and possibly my favorite cake so far (including stuff I’ve yet to post) I think I’ll come back to it and see how I fare the next time. The folks I shared it with told me it was really good and one person asked me for the recipe so she could make it for her father. Kudos to the original creator, my hat goes off to her. Definitely worth trying. It’s rich, but tastes so good. You’ll just have to workout that much harder for the next week or two…if you’re into that sort of thing.

One last bad look at this cake. It wasn’t blurry on my phone, sorry it didn’t look great here:

Again, still not a great food photographer, but I didn’t really plan on chronicling this stuff, so now that I have you should expect less blurry pictures and you can hold me to a higher standard. I think the next set will be even better. Until then…something witty goes here. Say something funny in the comment section.


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