Coffee Cake with Coffee Glaze

Snaked this recipe from The Kitchn. It’s a coffee flavored cake, not to be confused with a coffee cake, with a coffee glaze on top and putting a coffee fluff in between the layers. This was my first attempt at a three layer cake. However, because I only have two round pans it took me extra long to make it. I guess I’ll need to make a trip to HomeGoods where I pick up quite a bit of my stuff on the cheap. That’s where I picked up both of my cake pans (round and square) and some Circulon cooking sheets which were half off what Amazon charges, along with several other things. Anyway, this cake had a lot of stuff going on because of the coffee and the gelatin coffee fluff used as the filling. This one is very time consuming, not the kind of cake you bake on a whim.

First you have to get to working on the fluff because of the gelatin and the fact that it needs time to set. Then proceed to making the cake.

Mixing up the batter:

After mixing up the batter you fold in the egg whites. Somewhere along the line I made some mistake because I felt the cake was lacking something, not sure if this is where my mistake came in or in any one of the various steps that come up next.

After folding the egg whites in the cakes were pretty much ready to bake. While those were going I worked on the fluff. Once the cake and the fluff were ready, I used a spoontula to work it on. This is what mine looked like (again, sorry it’s not completely in focus), this may be the biggest problem I had with the cake. It mostly looks like chunky goo.

Oh, well gotta keep going, so I put the glaze over the top. This was the best tasting part of the cake, in my opinion.

The glaze would go nicely over a chocolate cake. It would probably go nicely over this cake if I had made it correctly. My bad. Anyway, I had to break me off some of this cake and while it was edible it certainly wasn’t on par (I felt) with the stuff I’d made the last few times out. Still, my better half actually enjoyed it. She said the reason she liked it was because it wasn’t sweet, I didn’t think it was sweet enough.

By the way, I felt the cake was a little dense and somewhat dry. Again, probably my fault. Don’t blame the recipe maker. I’d like to try this again, but replace the ‘fluff’ with a mocha buttercream or something similar. Just a thought.

What I learned from making this cake:

  • When making a three layer cake have three pans. It’ll cut down on a lot of time.
  • Don’t start late or you’ll end up finishing your cakes at 2am like me and then you’re eating a hunk way later than you probably should be. Time management is key.

Until next time when I show you some snickerdoodle cupcakes with cinnamon buttercream icing. Yay!


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