About the Name: Steal the Baking

A friend asked me about the name last night and where it came from, I figured it would raise a question here and there, but probably more so with a younger crowd. Gather ’round children while I regale you with tales of yesteryear (the early 1980’s), back when kids played outside, the Internet didn’t exist yet to 99% of people, people wrote on paper, and not every single person had a ‘blog or microblog or Facebook or Twitter. No one knew what the crap an ‘avatar’ was and Pac-Man was about as good as it got. 

There was a game we played at school along with dodgeball, nation, four-square, and kickball called ‘Steal the Bacon’. The teacher would drop a chalkboard eraser in the middle of a volleyball court with two kids lined up on the outer baseline, they would say go and the two had to race towards the eraser, pick it up and bring it back to the baseline without dropping it. Pretty straightforward game, it kept the kids busy for half an hour and we got our heart rates up for a bit. So, when trying to think of a name for this thing I originally came up with Senor Baker, but as you can see it’s a pain in the bum for a Windows user to put the tilde over the n. So, after just making the ‘About’ page, I scrapped it and sat in front of my laptop trying to think of a name, then I thought of one, then it turned out a young lady had picked it just a few days prior. My luck. So, I went back to thinking, mind you it was already somewhere in the neighborhood of midnight or possibly later. Every name I came up with had already been used until I thought of a couple pseudo-naughty names that I thought (and still do) were hilarious, but then realized ‘I may have to explain this to my kids’, so I passed on those and somehow I think I read or saw something about bacon and steal the bacon came to mind or maybe it was just me thinking…’something something baking…c’mon brain’ and then ‘Steal the Baking’ popped into my reptilian man-brain. It’s perfect because I don’t really have any of my own recipes, nor have my parents passed down any family recipes, so I’ll have to steal from anyone and everyone else. 

So, that’s that. Now you know the origin story. Consider yourself a little more knowledgeable about the site.



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